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About Us
Stockport Pharmaceuticals is an NHS Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Organisation specialising in the manufacture and development of Sterile Liquid, Non-sterile Products and Aseptically Prepared Injectables for use in NHS patients.

Stockport Pharmaceuticals aim to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and clients from the preparation and of supply of individual doses on a named patient basis, through to large scale batch manufacturing and most importantly the ability to carry out a very comprehensive clinical trials service including patient randomisation.

Definition of a ‘Special

A ‘special medicine’ is an unlicensed medicinal product for named patient use only.

Pharmaceutical products for use in humans are controlled by the Medicines Act 1968 (UK Legislation) and also by numerous relevant EC Directives. In the UK there is an exemption which allows products to be made without a full product licence for the ‘special needs’ of a patient by an unsolicited prescription from a clinician. These products called unlicensed medincines are commonly known as ‘specials’. Very often they have been prescribed and prepared historically and have had a great deal of formulation and stability work carried out. However, they have not been through the full quality and safety checks that products with full market authorisations have.

Stockport Pharmaceuticals is licensed by the MHRA and holds the relevant manufacturing license (MS Specials No.13523) in order to supply specials. It also holds a clinical trials licence (MIA(IMP)No13523) which allows a full clinical trials service to be offered.

Specials have been manufactured at Stockport for over 25 years, and clinical trials since 2004.